Can 11 minutes transform your UX Strategy?

For the past 15 years I've worked with companies such as Fiverr, Similarweb, and many more. Getting them results by adding storytelling to their user experience.

Now for the first time I'm sharing my entire UX framework here with you in 11 minutes only. We Call it - The Hero Framework.

UX Strategist & Founder, Contrast UX
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If you're in the 750K ARR/ Seed/ Pre-Seed - and Thinking about transforming your UX strategy and Design - feel free to schedule a call.

Your remote UX strategy & Product Design team

We have all the skills and technology aspects to become your remote design team,
and you can focus on growing your business, increasing revenue and turning your product into the go-to app in your space.

Based on 15 Years of Experience Working & Building Startups

Our founder - Sagi Shrieber, was the first design hire at Fiverr, later formed his own startup - acquired by Similarweb, later was Design Director at Similarweb. Sagi brings his years of experience working on and in top notch tech companies

Proven System to Find Your Product Market Fit.

We use a unique framework which we call 'The Hero Framework', in which we can identify our specific users most inner desires and deliver the perfect designs and message at the perfect timing for each of our customers.

Neuropsychology-based UI Framework

Our UI Design Framework is called 'Design Triggers' and is based upon how the human brain operated when it comes to making decisions. Our methods are based on how top silicon valley companies use this and apply it in their designs.

Some of our clients: